Course curriculum

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    • Audio Exercise for Mindful Awareness

    • Define: Grounding

    • Various Types of Grounding with Awareness

    • Biological Grounding

  4. 4
    • What is a Personal Aura?

    • Layers of Auras

    • Auras & Chakras - Summary

  5. 5
    • Intro to the 5 Energy Types

    • Fire

    • Water

    • Earth

    • Air

    • Space

    • Rei Energy & Summary of all 5

  6. 6
    • How come I didn't learn this information in school?

    • Medical News Today : Reiki Article

    • An Integrative Review of Scientific Evidence for Reconnective Healing

  7. 7
    • Self Reiki Practice Ideas

Why would I want to do Reiki anyway?

  • Sleep Improved sleep is a common and early response to Reiki practice that leads to many other improvements. When you sleep well, your body is better able to self heal. Awakening refreshed means you're less likely to rely on stimulants and sugar for energy during the day.

  • Digestion Improved digestion is also a common and early response to Reiki practice. That means you'll soon be more comfortable and able to get full nutrition from your food. And with 70% of your immune system in your gut, your immunity improves with your digestion.

  • People often say, "I feel more like myself" with Reiki practice. You can look forward to being more comfortable in your skin, more empowered and less prone to overwhelm. A sense of "coming home" is another commonly reported spiritual benefit.

  • Feeling better overall and feeling better about yourself--less anxious, less defensive--quickly translate into more satisfaction in your relationships. You'll feel less reactive, more present and patient. You'll listen better and communicate better.

Connecting with the Energy

infinitely all around you.

4-hours of personalized training, weekly sessions

Reiki training in the Usui tradition

Attunements/placements for the four lower chakras

Practice in how to clear and heal yourself, plants, & animals

Learning how to clear a space/room/home of negative energies

Reiki I manual

Personalized certificate earned

No pre-requisite; anyone can learn/receive Reiki in this supportive and encouraging environment!

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